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ViZion Protocol Price Soars as it Celebrates CoinMarketCap, Exchange Listings

ViZion Protocol revenue streams

This has been absolutely incredible and couldn’t have been done without our amazing team and incredible community. They mean everything to us and we are just getting started! — CEO/FOUNDER of ViZion Protocol – Shane Brown

In a meteoric rise that has captivated the crypto and entertainment sectors alike, $VIZION has spectacularly soared from its nascent $100,000 market cap to a remarkable $2 million floor. Marking a revolutionary stride in the digital currency landscape, ViZion’s ascent from a launch price of .003 to .02 on January 19th has not only turned heads but has firmly established its burgeoning legacy in the crypto realm on the Solana Blockchain.
This week heralded a pivotal moment for $VIZION, its dedicated team, and its incredible vibrant community, as it celebrated its inaugural listing on CoinMarketCap and its first foray of many into the exchange arena via Biconomy. This achievement is a testament to ViZion’s mainstream appeal and readiness, backed fervently by what is widely recognized as the most enthusiastic and engaged community in the cryptocurrency domain.Powered by the unparalleled efficiency and speed of the Solana blockchain, ViZion stands at the vanguard of crypto innovation. The protocol is gearing up for the much-anticipated launch of its iKonX Music and Entertainment App in April. This trailblazing platform is set to transform our musical and entertainment interactions, hosting an array of cutting-edge artists and solidifying ViZion as the top Utility Project on Solana.

ViZion’s prowess and influence extend beyond digital realms, through strategic partnerships with Creativo for marquee events such as the Super Bowl Las Vegas “Any Given Sunday” event and the upcoming Formula 1 Event in Miami. These collaborations exemplify ViZion’s commitment to merging blockchain technology with the glitz of entertainment and luxury lifestyle, underscored by a Laleye Studios + ViZion Presents Spring Break Takeover Music Festival in Tampa, Florida, featuring top artists and showcasing ViZion’s tangible impact on independent artists and the music industry through blockchain technology.

$VIZIONs journey is fortified by endorsements from key opinion leaders and an incredible partnership with the #1 Most influential X spaces in the blockchain industry, “The K1D + Walter Show”, marking $ViZion as a frontrunner in blockchain innovation and community engagement.

ViZion Protocol is more than a project; it’s a revolution on the Solana Blockchain. With the world’s gaze firmly upon it, ViZion is set to redefine the possibilities of blockchain utility, community collaboration, and entertainment innovation. Through its vast experience within the entertainment industry, ViZion leverages the Solana blockchain to bridge blockchain technology with mainstream media (Web2), offering groundbreaking solutions for participation and funding in the ecosystem.

Highlighting its innovative approach to entertainment, ViZion’s successful funding of the horror movie “Bitch Ass” through cryptocurrency illustrates a new paradigm in film financing and distribution. Winning the Audience Award and Horror Favorite at SXSW, the project symbolizes the transformative power of blockchain in democratizing movie production and engaging audiences through unique utility NFTs, offering unprecedented access and experiences. This Film was Written + Directed by Bill Posley and stars, Tunde Laleye, our other incredible and brilliant Co-Founders.

ViZion Protocol stands as a beacon of change, heralding a new era of blockchain utility in the entertainment industry. With its strategic initiatives and partnerships, ViZion is not merely navigating the future of entertainment and blockchain integration; it is leading it.

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OUR TEAMVizion Protocol is led by a team of pioneers and innovators:

Shane Brown (Founder/CEO): A Keynote Speaker + trailblazer in blockchain since 2016, with a remarkable track record of collaborations with global icons such as Beyonce and Lil Wayne, and major entities like Wynn Casino, SBE and Caesar’s Entertainment, to name a few.

Tunde Laleye (Co-Founder): Executive Producer, Award Winning Actor and a successful Entrepreneur. Known for his roles in Black Panther, Six and McGuyver and also stars in the titular role in “Bitch Ass” the Movie.

Bill Posley (Co-Founder): A multifaceted brilliant talent from Cobra Kai and Ferris Bueller 2 and the creative force behind writing and directing our SXSW Winning film “Bitch Ass,” making waves on Paramount Plus and Showtime.

James Keith (Co-Founder): The visionary behind, an iconic luxury fashion brand and our key advisor who is paramount to our growth and scalability

Shane Brown
ViZion Protocol
+1 727-9397992


Alexandre Lores is a personal finance writer from Tampa Bay, Florida, with the goal to help one million people achieve financial freedom. He has spent over five years studying markets and economics, finding Bitcoin in 2017 and never turning back. He frequently appears on TV and in online news articles and is a regular Twitter spaces host.

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