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ViZion Protocol Announces Launch of IkonX App To Hyperconnect Music Industry

The IconX App will be the latest addition to the Vizion Protocol ecosystem that is transforming how the music and entertainment industries work.

IconX App Launch

TAMPA, FLORIDA – Blockchain and entertainment startup Vizion Protocol officially announced the rollout of the iKonX App later this month on iOS and Android. The app will allow for transactions in US dollars as well as the project’s crypto token $VIZION which is built on the Solana blockchain. 

The app is designed to transform how the music industry connects, using AI and blockchain technologies in addition to the power of social media.

IKonX’s primary focus will be to build a comprehensive ecosystem that benefits all industry players and onboard incredible new talent like never before:

Artists can search for and book collaborations with other artists directly through the app, facilitating quick and efficient feature arrangements and payments. 

Managers have tools at their disposal to discover new talent, source beats, and identify potential sponsorships and tour dates.

Music Labels, Studios, and Producers can scout for fresh artists and negotiate deals directly on the platform.

Venues and Events like nightclubs and music festivals can coordinate bookings and event planning

Influencers and Video Production Companies can connect with artists and labels to create and promote content.


ViZion Protocol’s Founder and CEO Shane Brown has described it as the Cameo for the music industry.

“There is a new generation of phenomenal new musical talent just waiting to be discovered. Now We can connect the artist with the resources they need to make their dreams a reality, while simultaneously making the entire industry stronger.”

The app’s revenue streams will include monthly subscription fees, a percentage of fees for in-app transactions such as booking and contract payments, as well as premium features including enhanced analytics and premium visibility options.

Following its May launch, planned enhancements include broader services for music labels, managers, and influencers, aiming to cover all facets of music production and promotion.


About Vizion Protocol:

Vizion Protocol is dedicated to revolutionizing entertainment with blockchain technology, enhancing connectivity and transparency across the industry. The startup stands out due to its unique integration of blockchain technology into practical entertainment applications, its strategic event participations, and its innovative approach to industry challenges. The project’s utility token $VIZION is built on the Solana blockchain with the aim to be the #1 utility token on Solana.



Vizion Protocol is led by a team of pioneers and innovators:

Shane Brown (Founder/CEO): A Keynote Speaker + trailblazer in blockchain since 2016, with a remarkable track record of collaborations with global icons such as Beyonce and Lil Wayne, and major entities like Wynn Casino, SBE and Caesar’s Entertainment, to name a few.

Tunde Laleye (Co-Founder): Executive Producer, Award Winning Actor and a successful Entrepreneur. Known for his roles in Black Panther, Six and McGuyver and also stars in the titular role in “Bitch Ass” the Movie.

Bill Posley (Co-Founder): A multifaceted brilliant talent from Cobra Kai and Ferris Bueller 2 and the creative force behind writing and directing our SXSW Winning film “Bitch Ass,” making waves on Paramount Plus and Showtime.

James Keith (Co-Founder): The visionary behind, an iconic luxury fashion brand and our key advisor who is paramount to our growth and scalability



Connect with ViZion Protocol across the web and social media here: 







Alexandre Lores is a personal finance writer from Tampa Bay, Florida, with the goal to help one million people achieve financial freedom. He has spent over five years studying markets and economics, finding Bitcoin in 2017 and never turning back. He frequently appears on TV and in online news articles and is a regular Twitter spaces host.

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