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NFTs: Can This Serbian Digital Artist Bring You Joy?

Blisse from the “Cosmic Touch” collection by Crispycoco on OpenSea

“Years went by but my creativity never never left my side. I was always trying to find a way how can I be creative again.” -Crispycoco

In this installment of our NFT artist profile series, we connect with a young woman who is trying her hand at art and entrepreneurship while she’s still a university student in her native Serbia.

A small country with beautiful nature and a long interesting history- Serbia- has given us this incredible digital artist who I am thrilled to have you meet!

Without further ado, please meet the artist who creates from her soul. known as Crispycoco.

Who is Crispycoco?

Who is Crispycoco?

“So many artists got a beautiful chance to get a financial stability. And I think in time this is going to be something much bigger.” -Crispycoco

Andrea Maric, who is known as Crispy Coco online, is a 26 year-old digital collage artist and graphic design student, based in Serbia. She loves to escape from the ordinary and create surreal art that reflects her soul. She is excited to meet you!

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram and find her on art across multiple marketplaces. Linktree here.

A Closer Look

I reached out to Andrea to get a closer look into her heart and mind so I could find out about her personal views. Here is what she had to say:

1. How and when did you get into art?

Since I was little girl I loved to create. I used to paint all the time. But sadly when the time for high school came my parents didn’t want me to go to to art school and my wishes fainted a little bit. Years went by but my creativity never never left my side. I was always trying to find a way how can I be creative again and what can I do next. Then two years after high school I decided that I’m going to study Graphic design and that’s when and how my life started to change.

2.What inspires you to create?

Everything inspires me, people I meet. Women who are grinding and trying their best. Nature. Even the small beautiful gangsters. I’m someone who is trying to work on my mental health and I’m a spiritual seeker so that also inspires me. The Universe and the things that cannot be expanded. Life is full of so many wonderful things and I’m grateful that I’m inspired by it.

3. What is the biggest barrier you face as an artist?

Hmm, actually nothing. But if I found out I will let you know.

4. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as an artist?

The fact that so many people helped to to believe in my art and my path as an artist. They appreciate what I do, they believe in me and my work. Isn’t that wonderful?

5. Who is one artist living or dead you wish you could speak to for an hour? What is one question you would ask them?

Actually Kanye West, I find him to be a very an intriguing person, with a different belief.

6. In what way has crypto influenced your life and work?

Just the fact that I can combine art with it is something interesting and pretty new to me, but, the journey of learning more and more about it is interesting.

7. What is one bad situation in the world that you wish you could improve?

World hunger.

8. What is one place in Serbia that everyone should visit if they have a chance?

We have beautiful nature here and I would definitely recommend a beautiful place in the mountains called Tara mountains and of course our traditional food.

9. How do you feel NFTs will influence the creator economy over the next decade?

So many artists got a beautiful chance to get financial stability. And I think in time this is going to be something much bigger.

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Alexandre Lores is a personal finance writer from Tampa Bay, Florida, with the goal to help one million people achieve financial freedom. He has spent over five years studying markets and economics, finding Bitcoin in 2017 and never turning back. He frequently appears on TV and in online news articles and is a regular Twitter spaces host.

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