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Bringing Brazil to the World Through NFTs: A Closer Look with Mariana Blatnik

Bringing Brazil to the World Through NFTs- A Closer Look with Mariana Blatnik

“Brazil…the wavy ocean, sunset sky with clouds, flowers, trees, precious stones and mineral rocks all inspire my work.” -Mariana Blatnik

In this blog, we will explore how an abstract artist with a unique skillset is using the cutting-edge technology of NFTs to bring the beauty of Brazil to the world.

But before I introduce this fascinating artist, it’s time for a market update. And as always, if you don’t get NFTs, read this explainer first.

NFT Market Update

Payments giant Visa just purchased one of the famed Crypto Punks NFTs for $150,000 worth of ether. To be exact, it was Crypto Punk 7610, a woman with a mohawk and bright-red lipstick. “We think NFTs will play an important role in the future of retail, social media, entertainment, and commerce,” Cuy Sheffield, Visa’s crypto lead, said in a blog post. See the full story here.

Justin Sun, founder of the cryptocurrency Tron, just paid $1.3 million for a picture of a rock. See the full story here.

And now let’s get on with it. …introducing Mariana Blatnik!

Who is Mariana Blatnik?

Who is Mariana Blatnik?

“There will be space for traditional galleries and NFTs; they don’t have to compete, they can coexist.” -Mariana Blatnik

Mariana Blatnik, known on Twitter as Mari Inks Art, is a contemporary abstract artist from Brazil living in Miami, Florida. Her preferred medium is fluid alcohol inks art. By adding isopropyl to the inks and using a hair dryer, she creates interesting shapes, colors and movement.

A Closer Look

I reached out to Blatnik to get a closer look into her mind and heart, as well as ask about her personal views. Here is what she had to say.

1. How and when did you get into art?

I’ve been interested in art my whole life, but started painting in 2019. After a big shock in my life I felt that I needed to express my creativity and start my healing process. I started researching acrylic pouring and came across the “Alcohol Ink” technique and I fell in love with the medium.

2. Where do you get your inspiration from to create alcohol ink art?

My main motivation comes from Brazil, a country full of light and colors. The wavy ocean, sunset sky with clouds, flowers, trees, precious stones and mineral rocks all inspire my work.

3. How did you get into NFTs?

My husband [has] been part of the crypto world for a longtime and told me about NFTs. In the beginning I was very curious but thought it was only for digital art. Then in May of 2021 I decided to jump on it and understand it better.

4. What is the biggest challenge artists face today?

I think the marketplaces still have to evolve and help small artists to get visibility. They charge big commissions but they don’t promote us like the bigger artists. Also the gas fees are very high nowadays. So between the fees and commissions it’s difficult for starting artists.

5. What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as an artist?

I’m very proud to have made some sales in the NFT market. I’m so happy that I made the decision to start and to learn about this new world. But what I love the most is the community! I met so many great artists from all over the world!

6. For you as an artist, how important is community?

The community is paramount! It is what makes me want to comeback every day. In the beginning I felt alone swimming in the unknown. But after I started making connections and asking for help and getting all the support from the community I feel at home. Now I want to stay, change experiences and help others too.

7. What is one thing you wish you know before becoming an NFT artist? I

I think everyone comes in the beginning for the sales, but after you learn it’s much more than that. It’s a learning curve, it’s that connection that helps you grow as artist and as a person. I have so many ideas now… my horizons have expanded. And everything will happen when the time comes. Just enjoy the ride.

8. What is your favorite cryptocurrency?

I like Ethereum.

9. Fast forward a decade… Where do you see NFTs in the art world and the world as a whole?

I see NFTs as an important way of showcasing and selling art. There will be museums and beautiful ways to show NFTs in houses. There will be space for traditional galleries and NFTs; they don’t have to compete, they can coexist.

This content is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute trading advice. Past performance does not indicate future results. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. The author of this article may hold assets mentioned in the piece.

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Alexandre Lores is a personal finance writer from Tampa Bay, Florida, with the goal to help one million people achieve financial freedom. He has spent over five years studying markets and economics, finding Bitcoin in 2017 and never turning back. He frequently appears on TV and in online news articles and is a regular Twitter spaces host.

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