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Bearish Sentiment Hits EOS As Bulls Lose Control, What Lies Ahead?

EOS Network, a popular open-source blockchain platform prioritizing high performance and security, has recently witnessed a sharp price decline. The asset exhibits bearish sentiment in the 30-Day timeframe. 

The EOS price is down by 14.19% in its one-month data from CoinMarketCap. This suggests that the bears have controlled the market since the last 30 days trading session. This shift in market sentiment raises questions about what lies ahead for EOS.  

EOS Faces High Bearish Momentum, Further Price Decline, or Potential Reversal?

The bearish sentiment and the loss of control by the bulls have had a noticeable effect on EOS’s price. The cryptocurrency has experienced a downward trend, with declining trading volumes and increased selling pressure. 

Notably, the 24-hour trading volume is declining by 13.29% today, May 29, 2023, and its market cap is down by 1.32%. As of the time of writing, the price of EOS is down by 1.28%, at $0.89.

EOS tanks on the chart l EOSUSDT on

This trend reflects a shift in market dynamics as investors become more cautious and start to sell their EOS holdings.

Despite the prevailing bearish sentiment, potential catalysts could alter the trajectory for EOS. On May 26, the EOS network shared potential bullish news about its partnership with Hypha DAO and an initiative dubbed Beta Program. 

EOS network claims that the Beta program will offer a range of pre-configured templates designed to meet different firms’ needs and objectives. Generally, this news may lead to a positive market impact on the EOS price and market sentiment.

EOS’s positive development and partnership can attract new buyers and increase demand, increasing prices. Also, Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), a psychological phenomenon, can create a buying frenzy and drive the price even higher quickly.

EOS Price Formed Double Bottom Pattern

In that sense, the EOS/USDT has formed a double-bottom chart pattern, suggesting a potential uptrend movement soon. The double bottom pattern is a bullish reversal pattern that typically forms after a prolonged asset price decline.

Confirming the double bottom pattern occurs when the asset’s price breaks above the resistance level formed by the peak between the two bottoms. This breakout confirms the reversal signal and suggests a higher probability of an upcoming uptrend.

EOS has an important resistance level at $0.931, which represents a significant blockage for possible bullish movement.

Bollinger Bands and MACD Signal Potential Trend Reversal

The asset is currently oscillating between the upper band and middle band of the Bollinger Band indicator. This suggests an increase in the buying pressure and a rising bullish momentum.

In addition, the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) is currently above its signal line, suggesting bullish momentum. This indicates that the buyers are gradually taking over the market, and there might be a potential trend reversal soon.

 Bearish Sentiment Hits EOS As Bulls Lose Control, What Lies Ahead?

As seen in the chart above, the histogram is above zero and has strong green bars, further confirming the bullish sentiment in the market.

Featured image from Pixabay and chart from TradingView

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