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August Twitter Polling Reveals Economic & Job Sentiment

How Bad Is It?

August Twitter Polling Reveals Economic and Job Sentiment

In August a series of polls were conducted with my followers on Twitter focusing on the job market.

What did they reveal? Let’s dive in.

What Is More Valuable, Time or Money?

In two polls conducted at the same time on Twitter in mid August 2022, we see that in general people improperly value money as being more valuable than time.

How so? In the set of surveys, conducted with more or less the same audience, we see that $500 is viewed as more valuable than 50 hours. 

While the sample size was not huge the results are fascinating. 81% responded yes to using 50 hours to gain a new skill that would increase income by 10%, but only 66% would spend $500 to do the same.

Yes. this was a test done on purpose. Of course respondents were not presented the polls at the same time, so they could not do the math.

If you do the math and that means that time invested into income-building skills is valued at less than $10 an hour. Most jobs pay far more than $10 an hour, even in the lowest paying jobs in retail and the fast food industry.

What are you Worth?

In this poll, with a larger sample size, the respondents’ most popular answer was to consider that they are worth $30–$75 per hour, with a full 71.3% choosing the highest two income options. 

A whopping 89% do not consider that they are worth less than $30 per hour, which is a contrary set of answers to the set above.

While this is a small sample size, this would seem to support the contemporary sentiment of small business owners who are frustrated that they can’t hire workers.

Health Is Wealth

Meanwhile in the next Twitter poll, health was chosen over wealth as the biggest pain point by over 14%. 

Maybe health is the real wealth after all. 

What About Congress’ Paychecks?

In another twist, I proposed the concept of tethering the pay of Congressmen and Congresswomen to the US Median income, which was just over $31,000 in 2019. 

Not surprisingly, the respondents overwhelmingly supported pay cuts for Congress.

Sample Size

Per Statista, there are over 237 million monthly active users on Twitter.

My audience consists of around 18,300 followers, mostly from English-speaking areas, as you can see here:

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This content is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute trading advice. Past performance does not indicate future results. Do not invest more than you can afford to lose. The author of this article may hold assets mentioned in the piece.


Alexandre Lores is a personal finance writer from Tampa Bay, Florida, with the goal to help one million people achieve financial freedom. He has spent over five years studying markets and economics, finding Bitcoin in 2017 and never turning back. He frequently appears on TV and in online news articles and is a regular Twitter spaces host.

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