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The Latest Block provides you with the cutting edge in blockchain. This is your central hub for news on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and fintech. We do this through our proprietary curated content aggregator, selecting the most recent and relevant news for you.

The world is changing, and we believe the future to be democratized and decentralized. That the adoption of blockchain technologies will continue to grow exponentially and change our everyday lives. And we need to stay at the forefront.


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Our mission is to educate and inform our community and the world at large of the current events in the field of digital currency in a manner that is useful and interesting, resulting in increased understanding and adoption. Our goal is the diverse prosperity of the human species.


Founder/Editor-in-Chief Alexandre Lores Tampa Bay, Florida, USA
VP Public Relations Miriam Lores Tampa Bay, Florida, USA
Web Master Asfand Yar Islamabad, Pakistan
Social Media Manager Francois Bergeron Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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